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FedEx Truck Accident: Phoenix Man Pinned Between Trucks Dies

Tractor trailers in parking lots and receiving docks often must be maneuvered in tight places. Because the tractor trailers articulate, the driver may be moving his rig with significant blind spots. Additionally, some trucks operate in a noisy environment such as recycle plants. All of these circumstances create a highly dangerous situation for employees or other pedestrians in close proximity to the trucks, often resulting in a tractor trailer accident.

While it is unknown what happened to this individual trapped between two FedEx trucks,it is encouraging that Federal and State OSHA inspectors have been called to the accident scene for an investigation. If there is not a fair and impartial investigation, the facts as to how the tractor trailer accident occurred become obscured and the trucking company may put undo blame on the decedent. This result would deprive the victim’s family and loved ones from obtaining fair and reasonable compensation in this pedestrian accident.

As with all tractor trailer accidents, it is extremely important that trucking accident victims or their families take steps to initiate early investigation. Be sure to consult with an experienced bodily injury and wrongful death trial lawyer to discuss your options and rights for compensation.

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