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5 People Ejected from Vehicle in Rollover Crash

About an hour ago five people were ejected from a vehicle which rolled over on Northbound Loop 101 in Tempe. Seven people were in the vehicle and two remained trapped inside.

Details are not immediately available about the extent of injuries.

Almost one-third of all highway vehicle fatalities result from vehicle rollover accidents. Rollovers tend to be more serious than other types of accidents and about 1 in 27 rollovers results in a fatality.*

Rollover accidents can be caused by defective tires, equipment malfunction, swerving to avoid debris in the road, etc. Vans and SUVs are especially prone to rollovers, often the result of a bad design or improper manufacturing. If design or manufacturing concerns are responsible for the rollover, you certainly want to contact a knowledgeable, Phoenix personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Being ejected from a vehicle during a rollover is not in itself an injurious process or necessarily the mechanism of injury. Instead, unrestrained occupants being ejected presents injury by various means – contact with the ground, hitting object, etc.

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*Accident Reconstruction Journal -Jan/Feb 2003
Read more: http://archive.azcentral.com/community/tempe/articles/2011/08/05/20110805-crash-near-60-tempe.html