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Freddy Saavedra Honored in Attorney at Law Magazine

Freddy Saaverdra We are proud to announce that our very own Freddy Saavedra of Alex & Saavedra, P.C. has been recognized as a veteran in law by Attorney at Law Magazine. The magazine recently profiled him for this honor, giving Freddy a chance to talk about his time in the military, how he came to practice law, and how the two professions are related.

Saavedra first joined the United States Army at age 17 and went on to serve in Europe and the Middle East. “I believed in my unit. I believed in my service. I believed in my country,” Saavedra told Attorney at Law Magazine.

In 1997, his unit was deployed from Germany to Bosnia-Herzegovina, only the second group of troops to enter the region. “One of the things I remember is that we were going in to help keep the peace and there wasn’t a question that we were there to do the right thing… When we drove into Bosnia there were people on the street waving American flags. They welcomed us with open arms; it is an image that stays with me to this day.”

Later, Saavedra would serve with the Arizona National Guard in Iraq. As he recalled to Attorney at Law Magazine, “Iraq was challenging, but it created lifelong bonds because of what we went through. It was a great opportunity to use our training and put it into practice.”

When he was 21, Saavedra received his sergeant’s stripes at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. There, he noticed how the military was able to help the community by providing telecommunications utilities for nearby units. This was where he first began to see how efficient service and high standards could help people in need, and how he might begin to employ these traits outside of the military.

“It’s the same thing with our law firm,” states Saavedra. “How do we improve our processes to better serve our clients? How do we know which data points are important, and how do we save and access this data? How do we track key performance indicators? How do we best manage our trials, our discovery processes and our communications? We are always willing to learn and improve.”

Before Saavedra ever became a personal injury lawyer, it was his brother-in-law’s case that first inspired him. He was injured in a serious accident, and the first attorney the family hired was unresponsive for almost a year, forcing them to hire a second attorney before the statute of limitations on the injury claim ran out. When Saavedra found out that the first firm had failed in basic due diligence, like interviewing witnesses, he was shocked, especially in comparison to the professionalism demonstrated on the part of the second firm, which secured his brother a large settlement in the matter of a few months. This made Saavedra realize what a difference a good personal injury attorney could make. “To think that the wrong law firm almost let the statute expire and didn’t even interview key witnesses to get him justice is such a shame,” he said. “That’s never going to happen on my watch.”

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With 40+ years of collective experience and over $20 million in settlements successfully recovered for our clients over the last decade, there’s a reason Freddy Saavedra and the rest of our team is known for excellent service. Both on the battlefield and in the courtroom, Saavedra has spent his life fighting for American citizens’ rights, and he continues that fight today at Alex & Saavedra, P.C.

Freddy and all our Phoenix personal injury attorneys believe in our community, which is why our community believes in us.

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