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Head-On Collision

Car accidents can be severe and life-altering. You may have suffered whiplash to your neck or back, nerve or spinal cord damage, or bone fractures. Injuries that don't seem serious in the days following a car wreck may later result in disabling arthritis or other complications.

Injured in a car crash? Our Phoenix auto accident lawyers have decades of experience. Call for a free consultation!

We understand the stress you are experiencing from pain, medical treatments, and financial concerns. Alex & Saavedra, P.C. and our staff will begin to help immediately by contacting the insurance company, arranging for car rentals and repair of your vehicle and ensuring that you receive high-quality medical treatment. Each car accident injury is unique and evidence must be preserved. It is critical to hire the right car accident attorney as soon as possible.

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The lawyers at Alex & Saavedra, P.C. have represented injured clients in personal injury claims against automobile insurance companies for over 43 years. Our firm has recovered millions of dollars in settlements and awards for auto accident victims and their families.

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Compensation for the Diminished Value of Your Vehicle

If you suffer an injury, you are entitled to claim compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering (past and future), lost wages, and permanent injury or disfigurement. Our attorneys recognize the importance of helping a client recover compensation not only for their personal injury claim, but also for the loss of use of their automobile and, in some cases, diminished value if their car is repaired.

We are one of the few firms that pursue our clients’ diminished value claims. You sustain a diminished value (or accelerated depreciation) after an accident because your vehicle is worthless on the open market after the crash than before the crash, even after being repaired. We also assist you in many other ways.

We are proud to offer our skilled services to Phoenix residents in both Spanish and English! Call today at (602) 483-6114 to get started with our team.

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Auto Insurance Claim Do’s & Don’ts

When you make an auto insurance claim, proceed with care. Your conversations with an insurance company are generally recorded and often designed to diminish the amount of monetary compensation you receive. Remember, the insurance company records your conversation so anything said is essentially set in stone. Even off-the-record comments will be documented to your disadvantage.

DO: Report your accident to your insurance company

While you may be afraid to speak to your insurance company, it is very important that you waste no time in reporting the accident. The insurance company might try to use this information against you, implying that your accident and injuries aren't that serious.

DO: See a doctor as soon as you can

Injuries that result from a car accident often don't show symptoms for 24-48 hours. This is often because of adrenaline and hyperactive emotions. That's why it's important to see a medical professional within a couple of days after the accident. Just because you don't feel hurt, doesn't mean you aren't. Having conclusive medical evidence of your injury is also essential to building a strong case for your claim.

DO: Keep a detailed account of the accident

Police reports and witness statements are important, but we also recommend keeping a personal account of your side of the story. Some car accident insurance claims take months or longer to resolve, and in that time your memory might fade. Write down the details of your accident immediately, while your memory is fresh so that you and your attorney can reference it later.

DON'T: Admit fault while giving your statement

Whether it's your statement to the police or your insurance agent, avoid admitting fault to the accident. Keep to the facts and only answer questions asked of you, to avoid giving statements that might be used against you later

DON'T: Take an early settlement

Insurance companies want to avoid paying out more than they have to. As such, they will attempt to convince you to accept the first settlement they offer. This is almost always a low ball offer. Once you accept the settlement you cannot pursue more compensation later, even if you have further expenses. Speak to an auto accident lawyer at Alex & Saavedra first, to make sure you are receiving maximum compensation

Winning Trial Lawyers

Backed by a Proven Track Record for Success
See the proven case results we have achieved on their behalves.
  • $6 Million Construction Accident
  • $3 Million Job Site Accident
  • $2 Million Government Negligence
  • $2 Million Wrongful Death
  • $1 Million Negligent Driver
  • $1 Million Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $1 Million Hit & Run
  • $1 Million Failure to Diagnose
  • $900 Thousand Negligent Driver
  • $900 Thousand Trucking Accident
  • $733 Thousand Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $475 Thousand Rear-End Accident
  • $380 Thousand Negligent Driver
  • $300 Thousand Premises Liability
  • $265 Thousand Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $250 Thousand Premises Liability
  • $210 Thousand Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $200 Thousand Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $200 Thousand Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $200 Thousand Motorcycle Accident
  • $200 Thousand Nursing Home Abuse
  • $185 Thousand Electrocution
  • $175 Thousand Trucking Accident
  • $150 Thousand Auto Accident
  • $150 Thousand Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $147 Thousand Animal Attack
  • $140 Thousand Motorcycle Accident
  • $120 Thousand Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $120 Thousand Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $115 Thousand Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $103 Thousand Assault
  • $100 Thousand Bicycle Accident
  • $100 Thousand Bicycle Accident
  • $100 Thousand Dog Bite
  • $90 Thousand Truck Accident
  • $85 Thousand Storm Damage

Quality Representation from Experienced Attorneys

If you or a member of your family has suffered a car accident injury, attorneys and staff at our law firm understand how overwhelming it may seem to make decisions regarding claims for compensation while dealing with medical and financial issues. We hope the information below is helpful. However, because every situation is unique, it is important that you consult with a well-qualified personal injury litigation attorney about your claim.

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorists Insurance

When the other driver, irresponsibly, has no car insurance (or has insufficient car insurance) to compensate you for your injuries, you can present a claim with your own insurance company under your uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage. This claim with your insurance company does not affect your insurance premiums. This is important coverage that you pay a premium for and should be used to compensate you when the other driver has no insurance or too little insurance.

No-Fault Insurance

In some cases, no-fault insurance might apply, especially with out-of-state motorists. No-fault auto insurance allows the driver to collect from his or her insurance company regardless of who was at fault. Not every state has no-fault insurance, but those that do have extremely narrow laws that determine how much, when, and for how long the injured party can receive insurance.

Consult with a personal injury attorney to discuss how your state views fault and to determine how the laws may affect your right to recover damages for a car accident injury.

When you are in an accident, you have immediate, important decisions to make. For the crucial decisions you have to make later on, consult with an accident attorney at (602) 483-6114.

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When you are in an accident, you have immediate, important decisions to make. For the crucial decisions you have to make later on, consult with an accident lawyer in Phoenix at (602) 483-6114.

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Call us for a free consultation! We are available 24/7, at (602) 483-6114.

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